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Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme – My New Favorite Eye Makeup Remover


Even though I have oily skin, if I just think about skipping my skin care routine for half a day, my skin ends up dehydrated. I know, it seemed weird to me too – but a few different skin care professionals have made the point to me that you can have very dehydrated skin, yet […] Read more…

3 Simple Steps to Start a Skin Care Routine (When You Have No Idea Where to Start)


Why I Took Simple Steps to Start a Skin Care Routine By the looks of my blog, and if you were to see my vanity right now, you would think I am lying when I tell you that for most of my life I didn’t care about makeup, or skin care, or hair care. For […] Read more…

Time to Stock up on CeraVe Products! || Walgreens Beauty Sales and Coupons – Week ending 2/13/2016


My husband and I recently moved to a much more rural part of the state. We now live out in the country with a twenty minute drive to our very small town. Although small, THANKFULLY I still have a Walgreens to shop at! I love me a good Walgreens couponing trip. Personally, I feel the […] Read more…