Skin Care Tips

3 Simple Steps to Start a Skin Care Routine (When You Have No Idea Where to Start)


Why I Took Simple Steps to Start a Skin Care Routine By the looks of my blog, and if you were to see my vanity right now, you would think I am lying when I tell you that for most of my life I didn’t care about makeup, or skin care, or hair care. For […] Read more…

Why you need to use a hand cream daily and multiple times throughout the day


Even after I started doing my best to take really good care of my skin {thank you to my 30th birthday for making me realize I am not getting any younger}, and especially taking focus on the care of my nails, I didn’t initially see the point in using a hand cream.  I thought, “IF […] Read more…

5 Simple Skin Care Rules to Help Avoid a Negative Reaction


I have had to learn {the hard way} that by constantly switching up my skin care products, if I have a bad reaction and haven’t followed a few simple skin care rules, I am left puzzled as to which one of the new products is causing the reaction. Very recently I shared with you my […] Read more…