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Welcome to Simple Nails and Beauty.  I’m Jen, a simple girl trying her hand at having beautiful nails, accessorizing with the colors of makeup, all while getting the best beauty bargains out there.

Why did I start Simple Nails and Beauty?

Up until around October of 2013, I was an adamant nail biter secretly longing for pretty nails.  Somehow, becoming pregnant with my first son was all it took for me to wipe out that nasty nail biting habit.  With the combination of prenatal vitamins and the discontinuation of my own destruction to my nail tips and cuticle beds, I was beginning to grow nails that I wasn’t ashamed to take to the salon.  On top of this, my pregnancy “glow” seemed to wipe out the acne I had been constantly battling, even in my late 20s.

However, I still hardly ever wore polish {why waste time on such pathetic nails, I thought} and with working from home, rarely wore makeup {thinking that it was helping to keep my skin clear}.

On Mother’s Day 2014, my son, Laughton, was born extremely premature and due to issues with his lung development, was sent up to be my guardian angel later that evening.  Although I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him, and only have a few pictures and memorabilia to remember him by, the one thing that he left me were my nails.

I instantly became obsessed with taking care of them.  Where I would have left polish chip for weeks on my thumb nail before, the instant I see a chip in polish now I immediately remove and reapply.  I am also constantly reading blogs and watching tutorials to try and master simple basic care and tips.  I feel like my nails are a gift that Laughton left for me and I want nothing more than to keep them pretty until I see him again.

Along with a quickly growing nail polish collection, I am also beginning to enjoy make up again.  I am realizing that acne shouldn’t have kept me away from enjoying things like a good lip gloss.  But, again, ever since Laughton came around the acne seems to be keeping itself at bay, so I no longer feel the need to layer on makeup simply in hopes of hiding the blemishes.  Now I find it fun to try new products and learning how to accessorize with the pops of color makeup provides.

Most recently, I made the decision to become an Independent Consultant with Jamberry!  Awhile back, my {now} team manager sent me a free sheet of nail wraps to try out and review here on SNB and I instantly fell in love.  Not only with the wraps, but the company as well.  I have never seen a better, or more generous, compensation plan for a direct sales company.  Plus, the company started as a small family business, much like my own, so I thoroughly appreciate the way Jamberry has been built and continues to grow.  Combine that with the fact that I am now over-the-moon obsessed with my newly wrapped and very stylish nails, and it was a no-brainer to become an Independent Consultant!

Jamberry Independent Consultant Colored 600 width

Want to try Jamberry out for yourself?  Shop for Jamberry products on my official Jamberry website.

Interested in joining my team?  I am currently seeking out simple beauty enthusiasts like myself to join my team and reach the $1 million dollar team milestone {because my team will do it, I am bound and determined to make that happen for us all}!  Why not join me and be my next fellow Jamsultant?

What will I read at Simple Nails and Beauty?

Like I mentioned above, I am just a simple girl when it comes to nails and beauty.  Up until I discovered Jamberry nail wraps, I could only dream of having beautiful nail art {as I do not have the time, patience, or steady hand necessary for drawing it on myself}.  I cannot wait to share all the fun {yet simple} swatches and manicures I will be rocking with my Jamberry goodies.

I will also be sharing all of the simple ways I am caring for my new nails.  If you are looking to have nice nails, but are strapped for time and need the process to be quick and simple, then you are in the right place!

Lastly, my goals include providing you with a steady resource of beauty tips all the way from simple skin care to applying the best smoky eye look.  Not only will I be sharing my own tips and tricks, but you will also be able to find a massive amount of inspiration each week in the Beauty Frenzy Friday link up party where all my beauty blogger friends will be sharing their latest blog posts on beauty and fashion.

Enjoy your time at SNB and I hope you find your way back here soon.

Have I seen you some place before?

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